A new cinema for Windsor

Windsor is currently without a major cinema in the town centre. Therefore, our proposals look to provide a new boutique cinema on the southeast side of Bridgewater Way.

Based on initial discussions with potential operators, it is envisaged that the new cinema will include four screens and have a capacity of up to 400 seats.

The cinema’s entrance will be at retail level with a generous foyer and four cinema auditoria at first floor level.

The plans for a new cinema form part of the wider ambition to reinvigorate the local economy by providing a key facility for the enjoyment of the local community. The introduction of a major cinema will enhance the evening economy and will be complemented by an improved dining offer.

The cinema terrace will also include residential development above the Superdry and River Island at 113-115 Peascod Street.

As the cinema will result in a significant loss it will need to be subsidised by the other elements of the scheme if it is to be included. Discussions are currently well underway with several boutique cinema operators.